How Do You Write an Explainer Video Script?

You can find or even create effective communication tools to present your brands but nothing ban explainer video. What makes it more effective? A FANTASTIC SCRIPT. An ideal explainer video script narrates a strong story combining visual and audio elements.

Writing the script for an explainer video can be tough. Furthermore, you need to work on a number of details such as the concept, the story and brand personality. Remember, it’s the message or content that makes or breaks your video, not just the excellent graphics, characters and images. When you’re lacking the knowledge regarding the important processes and elements of effective explainer video scriptwriting, it will end up a disaster.

Check out some helpful tips below on how to write an engaging explainer video script;

  1. Keep it short!

Short script is more preferable. Brevity is a vital aspect to note when writing the script. The shorter it is, the better. Usually, explainer video script takes up to 3 minutes only; 30 seconds being the ideal clip length. Be very particular with the word count (150 words/minute as the maximum count).


  1. Make it personal and engaging.

The script must be something that the audience can relate. A good explainer video script can extract emotional response from the viewers. It should speak to the audience just like in a typical conversation. Keep your audience on the driver’s seat and make them feel like they are part of the entire story.


  1. Narrate only one story, no more no less.

In writing the script, you should focus on a single story to avoid confusion among your viewers. Sometimes, the more you try to convey your messages in many channels, the more it can get complicated. Maintain a cohesive narrative from start to end for strong engagement. Have a confident and direct tone all throughout.


  1. Inject humor purposely.

Storytelling can be more effective with a bit of humor. Only that, you should see to it that using humor in the script fits to what your audience’s expectations. Improper use of humor can distract potential customers and may actually put them off. So beware!


  1. Do a recap for editing and finalizing.

It always pays to take a second or third look on the overall script. Did it turn out well based on your first draft? Were the standards met? Take a look at your finish product for the last time to see any possible error.

Do away with the trial and error scheme. You need concrete and proven ways in writing an explainer video script. If they work with others, they will also work with yours. See it for yourself!

There you have it—ways on how you can write an explainer video script.  But as much as possible, it is advisable to let the professionals do the job for you who truly know and understand the script process as well as its cinematic value. However, if you don’t have a limited budget, you may always try first to write on your own.


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