How to Make an Animated Explainer Video?

Animated videos, also known as cartoon explainer videos are short video clips with some cute presentation and content which goal is to inform the viewers regarding what a particular company or business do well. This video marketing strategy can effectively boost your brand, your audience engagement and conversions.

Getting started with developing an animated explainer video requires you to learn a step by step procedure. Today, animated explainer videos are commonly used for advertising purposes to create higher impact messages. They involve audience in an effective and unique manner that no other channel can. Many companies have been doing great efforts in creating an appealing animated explainer video but just can’t do it right.

Want to build engagement with your audience and convert them to potential customers? Here are the 5 key factors you need to consider to successfully make an animated explainer video;

  1. Killer Script

Your script is exactly the message you want to share with your audience. It’s the foundation of the entire explainer video so make sure to have it written by a pro. It must be a summary about your brand, how it works and your services as well. The words on your script should be minimized depending on the clip length. Ideally, 90 seconds is equivalent to 230 words.

  1. Creative Storyboard

How you create the video means a lot. The storyboard presents a pre-visualization sketch of everything (actions, movies, characters etc.) that is likely to happen in the video. The director will spearhead the filming including all essential details such as movements, shots, transitions and many more.

  1. Expressive Animation Style

Make a team of graphic artists and animators who are highly knowledgeable of the craft. Talented animators know the best animation style for your video because they well-crafted of all the graphic elements. They can make cartoon characters look natural and human as possible.

  1. Lively Voice Over

The off-screen narrator is something. Look for someone who can narrate the script and the story as expected. Voice over is a critical part in making an animated explainer video because it adds personality and credibility. A native voice over artist is preferable for this one.

  1. Powerful Sound Effects

An explainer video is dead without sound effects. With this, your team should work in adjusting the audio, editing your music and combining sounds. Keep in mind that sound effects improve your video’s overall perception while reinforcing its message.Definitely, an audible sound effect is a plus to your explainer video.

Animated explainer video is like a short video clip that can make a big difference to your business if you’ll only do it right. You need to pay attention to details to come up with expected outcomes. Get a pen and take note of these elements.

These can significantly help you make a high-impact message and involve your audience in ways that no other medium could ever do.  Once you succeed at crafting your own animated explainer video, you will spare yourself a lot of time and money.

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