Animated Explainer Guide and Whiteboard Video Software

How to Create Explainer Videos

When it comes to marketing your product, personal web page or services, using an explainer video can produce extraordinary results. For those looking for tips on how to create explainer videos, the following tutorial shows how. The truth is that explainer videos are an integral part or marketing for any business or person. Making explainer videos is easy and not as difficult as some many think.

The Concept Of Explainer Videos

It is very hard to visit a site and not find an explainer video on it. The same for when you are searching online for how to info. Most companies and people are using explainer videos to engage their audience. The end results are excellent return on investments and overall conversions. An explainer video is a story told by using a short video. It is via one of these short videos that a business may explain about what they are selling.

Other companies use them to explain about features or products. You also have individuals who make them to help teach viewers about answers to questions they may have. The purpose of an explainer video is to tell your audience what you are offering. They are done in a practical and straightforward manner using clear and concise scripts or animations.

Reasons For Having An Explainer Video

For those that own a business, having an explainer video is crucial these days. They can help with ranking your site better on search engines. The conversion rates are also astronomical when compared to those that don’t have one. A person making an explainer video for his or herself, can also use it to make money. Or to promote a product, event or service they are selling. People or businesses who don’t want to spend time creating an explainer video themselves, will often hire a company to do it for them. SquareShip has been offering top quality video production services for years.

The Steps For Creating A Video

The first thing you need to do when you want to learn to create an explainer video is to follow the format. These formats have been proven to be successful. You have to begin by writing a very succinct and straightforward script. This will be your story line and what you want to convey to your viewers. Many of the best explainer videos available have been so popular because of their script. An easy to follow storyline makes it easy for viewers to be engaged immediately.

Be sure to identify what your goals and target audience will be. You can find tips on writing a great script for your explainer video in several blogs. Typically, explainer videos are about 30 to 120 seconds long. However, there are some which last about 3 minutes. Depending on your video’s length, you can decide on the total amount of words.

Your next step is concentrating on what type of explainer video you want. There are several formats you can use. They include:

  • Animation – Whiteboard
  • Screencast
  • Live Action

If you want to create an explainer video using your computer’s screen then this is what is called a screencast type. There are several free programs you can use to record your computer or laptop’s screen as you explain. If you choose this method, you will have to practice your voice script. That’s if you are adding words to yours.

For most companies, using the animated videos format is typically more popular and successful. However, they do require a bit more work. Animation style explainer videos have several different templates. There are VideoBlocks, Clean Graphics Style, Infographic Format and Doodle Marker types. Individuals who can draw will benefit significantly from creating an animated video. They can do their own animations and save money. You can also use a friend or family member who knows how to draw. If that is not an option, then you can use programs to create your own animated explainer video.

Some programs are full of features which let you choose different characters and animations. But, if you want more options, you may need to purchase a good program. That will give you more features and make it easier for you.

The other option is live action recording. This types of explainer videos are done using a camera to record yourself or another person. You then put whatever your message is on the video. YouTube and Vimeo have millions of these type of explainer videos. A great tip is to find some of the best explainer videos online. If you are looking for top rated animated explainer videos, there are countless of them out there. You also can find other types depending on your choice. By viewing these already proven popular explainer videos, you can get an idea about yours. Plus, they can offer you a style or let you hone in on your message better.

The Final Steps

Once you are ready to create your explainer video, you can begin the trial and error process. Most people have to do a few takes before they finally come up with one they are completely happy with. It is the same as directors in films which sometimes require hundreds of takes before they finally are happy. After you have finally decided on your final cut, you may want to show your video to friends and family. Their opinions could give you ideas on how good your explainer video is. Use their feedback to make any corrections or edits.

The final step is sharing your video with your targeted audience. This is the reason why you are creating the explainer video in the first place. You will have to upload it to YouTube or your website. Use social media and other outlets to promote your video. Hopefully, it will get shared as people find it useful. Before you know it, your explainer video may end up being on a top ten best explainer videos list.


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