How to watch VR porn on your phone

With today’s obsession on mobile phones and making any and every thing ‘mobile’, it’s to no surprise this has gone into one of the most flexible industries of all, porn. Nearly every porn site has a dedicated mobile site. VR porn is no exception Vr Porn videos are definitely the future of porn, lending itself to much innovation, and no less to the mobile craze. However watching VR porn on your phone isn’t all that simple, which is why today we’ve decided to show you How to watch VR porn videos from your mobile device.

Firstly, what you’ll need is a relatively modern mobile phone. Don’t expect to be able to watch VR porn on your 1999 flip-phone, the newer the phone the better the quality will be if you’re using a no-screen headset(and most people will be). Google recommends Android 4.1 as the lower bar for watching VR porn if you own an android phone, this is less straightforward for iphones, but as long as the phone is bigger than 5 inches and supports a resolution of at least 720p, but preferably more you should be fine.

When it comes to cheap phones that can perform this task, something like the “Vodafone Smart Ultra 6” can do the trick just fine, although obviously not as good as a brand new phone.  If you’ve got an iphone, the iphone 6 is a good cutoff for phones able or unable to support VR porn on themselves. Meaning if you’ve got an iphone 5 or 5S you might want to wait up a bit before going into the world of VR porn.

The 2nd thing you need is a headset, this is where a lot of the variance when it comes to pricings comes into play. A lot of headsets can be quite expensive(like the oculus rift’s 500$ price tag) however that’s not to say that ALL VR headsets are expensive, the google cardboard is even given out for free with a lot of VR porn network subscriptions, so if you’ve got the phone, the budget won’t keep you away.

Next if you’ve got the headset, you’ll want a VR porn app, like sex like real or similar to help you navigate through the vast archives available online, now of course you COULD just use online sources, but there’s a lot of videos you won’t be able to get without downloading, so best familiarize yourself with that.

Now that you’re done with all that, you’ll need to connect your VR headset to your phone, this can be different depending on headset and phone brand and manufacturer, however most of them have tutorials for this on their websites. After you’re done with that, you’re almost there, all you need to do is download a video player capable of playing VR videos(there are quite a few on the market today) find your video in your phone’s memory, press on it and enjoy your VR porn viewing experience.